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Always a better choice for designing

Commercial softwares do not always meet your expectations. They can include features that you do not need and that unnecessarily add to the system, or only partially meet your expectations despite their complexity ...

The benefits of a custom application

A specific application is often more efficient than a commercial software because it is adapted to the needs and specificities of the company. It corresponds fully to your working methods and uses the vocabulary specific to your company. We know a company, specialist of custom php application development

Custom applications, from the office or from home

Forget your Excels spreadsheets with "copy paste". Go for a web application. SimplyPHP develops customized applications for your business. Based on PHP / HTML code, the application will be installed on your computer or on a server. When installed on a server, you can work from any computer connected to the internet. No annual license to pay. Let your application develop in case of need.
Need a developer, we master the PHP & SQL, HTML, CSS and if necessary the JAVASCRIPT.

Development of custom applications

We make applications tailored to the specific needs of your company or entity, fully developed by our programmers. This way, you can improve the productivity and quality of their services.
All our applications are accessible from any browser and have an SSL certificate to guarantee a secure connection.
In addition, to ensure the integrity of your application data, backups will be performed twice a day.
Our team of professionals ensures that they contribute significantly to the achievement of tangible, measurable and sustainable results in their business form. We are committed to the generation of strategic plans and implementation actions that allow your company to continue to grow, with prudence, cost-effectiveness and efficiency. We bring our proven experience in business applications to the business. As well as our enthusiasm and commitment to your projects. We contribute to the creation of value from different areas such as strategic management, marketing, finance and human resources.

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