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Moving your business forward with next generation technology

The arrival in the world of work of a new generation of ultra-connected employees accompanies the digital transition of companies and also modifies the very design of the workspace. For example, in project promotion, companies use augmented reality apps to illustrate their design.

Serving the company of the future

Forget the silos organization, the siled work spaces and the sedentary employees. With the advent of new technologies and the emergence of a new generation of employees, the company of tomorrow will have to evolve to leave more room for well-being and collaborative working methods.

Generation increasingly connected, sensitive to the exchange and the interactivity, Millennials (Generation Y) contribute to evolve the way in which the relations in the work take place. Their arrival in the world of work will profoundly impact the organization of companies. They are frightened by the world today, but are eager to create. This generation will be that of creativity and inventiveness.

As the success of intrapreneurship or the influence of the "start-up spirit", the transformation of the company can be explained in particular, according to her, by "the need of this generation to pursue ceaselessly These expectations must be integrated by the leaders, while technological innovations disrupt the organization of work.

The benefits of new technologies

New technologies have enabled many companies to assert themselves through competitive gains, within an increasingly demanding market. Investment in new technologies clearly appears as one of the key drivers of competitiveness in companies of all sizes.

They transform trades, the ways of communicating, collaborating, coordinating work, the way work is done and lived, transforming people's work habits and their practices in the private setting as well ... They induce changes in modes of production and distribution of goods and services and, more generally, they affect employment, work and skills needs.

In conclusion, it seems essential for today's and tomorrow's companies to invest in new technologies and to employ qualified personnel to enable optimal use of these tools. Thus, the investment made will be fruitful for the company and will enable it to gain in competitiveness

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