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Various platforms that will boost company performances

Nowadays, the platform has become an unavoidable way by which companies boost their performance. There is a need to show the place and the role of platforms as a capital asset for companies to increase their profitability. All you have to choose which platform is adapted to which final product. Platforms should be used by every company in the 21century.With the growing competitions, companies need to ally to various platforms.

Different types of platforms and how to use them

Platforms adapted to boost and Increase Company’s performance. Exchange and Makers platforms are platforms that contribute directly to a company’s performance. Exchange platform facilitates directs the exchange between the consumer and the producer this reduces the cost of production of the company e.g. plat forms like Uber focuses on reducing the cost of production. Makers platforms create a complementary product and display it in a large audience with the goal of selling their main product. Platform such as YOUTUBE or ANDROID can contact a celebrity to join its mark and with these bring all his fans with him. Well sited companies can create their own star and have the same effect and save funds. Platforms such as a product market place can help a company that is trying to sell his Product or just trying to let its product known by the public by using eBay.

Social media Platforms and company performance

Internet has given an opportunity for companies to start with just an idea. Growing companies generally have limited personnel and low capital. How can such companies increase in performance? What to know is that social media are used depending on the target population. If bellow 25years it is better to use instagram for a greater percentage are being registered. Whereas if your target is 25 or more uses Facebook instead because its touches more population. Create a Facebook page with the company name and provide important information about the company. Facebook is widely use easily accessible with just aclick on the page created provide information about the company products. If the target is the female population the best Platforms will be Pinterest. It attracts the largest number of female population, thus if the final product of a company is either Kitchen utensils, hand bags or lips glow it will be the appropriate Platform. Platforms increases the continual performance task of a company and reduces man to the level of the machine even though controlled by a man.

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