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Why ruby is better than python

To say that one programming language is better than the other is not an easy thing and the opinions are often far from being objective. On the other hand, one language can have advantages over another, over a given type of programming. This is the case of the Ruby language which proves better than Python in certain situations.

Ruby is more flexible and accessible than Python

Flexibility is without a doubt the highlight of the Ruby programming language. Indeed, Ruby is flexible to infinity and allows to perform several tedious manipulations under Python. For example, for a function that uses the date. Under Ruby, this function requires only two lines, while under Python, this will take you a few more lines and call for other functions. Flexible interpolations with #{} made it more easy to understand. That’s why agencies such as has chosen this language.

Moreover, this flexibility makes the Ruby language much easier to read than Python. Ruby's syntax is simpler and makes your code more elegant. Moreover, it is precisely this flexibility and elegance in the code that have attracted many developers to turn to this programming language.

Ruby, an easy-to-use language

Thanks to the success of Ruby on Rails Framework, Ruby has gradually gained the web developers. Learning this programming language is easier Python. For people who have already done programming (such as Perl for example), the adaptation is less painful. Also, the passage from Python to Ruby takes place without too much hassle. The syntax of the two languages is very similar and the syntax of Ruby is less verbal, clearer and more concise.

In addition, Ruby and Rails are perfect for teamwork. The rigor and simplicity of the code allow any other developer, with a minimum knowledge of the framework, to bring his contribution to the program without too much difficulty.

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