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With Koddos your website and server will always be available

Every day, more people are suffering from DDoS attack and didn’t know what to do. Some other ignores that they are under attack and can be seen as an author of something bad or can reveal something which shouldn’t. Happily, for us, there is KoDDoS, the best solution for every attack from the web, no matter if it is DDoS, threats or others internet attack.

How does KoDDoS protect servers?

KoDDoS can promise to all of these customers that they didn’t have received any reclaim from anyone. It proves that he is still on the run with his concurrent. KoDDoS is the one solution which is blocking the attack before he is attempting the server or the website. By this way, the website or the server will be not touched and can run normally, even if we know that there was an attack. Yes, KoDDoS will send a notification after any action done. And with her abroad hosting, he becomes to be more interesting and more protected than before, that’s way they called Koddos Anti DDoS. It’s necessary to remember that KoDDoS is regularly up to dated, as well as in software than in hardware.

KoDDoS is constantly protecting their customers

Once the customers decide to subscribe and trust in KoDDoS, he is engaged to protect and keep their websites or server in activities. In adding, he is also responsible of all damage which can be appeared if the problem is not solved, that has never happened before. We may ignore but many attacks such as TCP SYN Flood, ICMP Echo Request Flood, TCP IP Fragmented attack and more others are trying to attempt website and servers every day. But they have no impact with KoDDoS. Once the attack is detected, DDoS mitigation intercepts and blocks them in few seconds.

So, how strong the attack is, if websites or servers are protected with KoDDoS solution, attacks will never happen in these websites or servers.

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