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Ruby th best tool for startup

Launching a website is often a long and challenging adventure, which requires hard work and long-term effort. Find the right idea, find the right sector, find the right tool to get started : the journey of a website is a house of cards, where each one of them is of a crucial importance. Each card is a difficulty. And each difficulty is solved by bringing enough work to overcome it. Fortunately, many tools exist today to effectively create its website. If you do not know them yet, inform you with ruby savvy : they should help you a lot.

What technology to use?

The choice of a web technology to realize a professional website is an important decision because :
- All the technologies are not adapted to all the uses.
- It is difficult to migrate your site from a technology to an other one if ever you made the bad choice.
- This choice will guide you in the search for your developers which often have their favorite technologies

Ruby on Rails

If you are creating a business in the Internet industry, or you are a technical manager or you just want to learn how to develop a website, we strongly invite you to consider Ruby and its framework, Ruby on Rails.The tutorials for creating a first rails environment are easily found on the Internet. For the user who follows the instructions, it is simple and fast to run a local application running and to evolve it according to its own needs. This user can then decide to have his service hosted.
Other users will immediately choose a hosted offer so they do not have to install anything on their own PC. Whichever option is chosen, the question that one ends up with is how to pass instructions obtained on a tutorial and possibly experimented successfully on a local server, to the environment Phpnet. Indeed, the tutorials are general and do not take into account the characteristics specific to the host. More information with ruby savvy !

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