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You may already hear about KoDDoS solution for the hackers attacked. By this article, we talk more about his offers and how he plans to protect your business online.

What is KoDDoS?

Just a remembering about the last attack of DDoS hacker, that is the reason to this KoDDoS hosting server. DDoS is a procedure made by hackers to fail your business online. He attacked your website and gets it disable, after that, all computers and material connecting with your server will be damaged. It is not easy to be on this condition, but now, your website is always available, better you protect your server. You can find many companies which gives their program to against hackers attacked, because eventually, DDoS is not the only kind of hacker plan, he is just the stronger one nowadays. Your choice is to find a hosting that give you the best solution for your business online. After our comparison, we find that have many tailored options for every kind society.

The list of KoDDoS offers

You will be proud to be with a good partner like KoDDoS. They give you more space than you will be able to fly surround the world. They give you a minimum offer for 30 Go of storage, 200 Gb of bandwidth, and 120 Gbps DDoS protection. This society has three datacenters implanting in Hong-Kong, Netherlands and New York. You will imagine the energy power that Asia has about those innovation products, and the Netherlands gives the best area in a good condition weather, and New York is the face of every e-commerce institution. They are offshore hosting, that why, their client is able to sell their server, with the same program of protection. KoDDoS is a system for the website with a big traffic, like commercial society, or a big society, but you can choose a hosting program without DDoS protection.

There is another hosting server that able to be in the same level of KoDDoS, it is the OVH solution, with his VPS structure to protect our personal information.

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